Nano indentation



我們提供納米壓痕技術平臺是相容現地使用的掃描電子顯微鏡 (SEM),也使用和一般環境,通用的其他相關設備相同,例如同步輻射光束線或光學顯微鏡,因此在提供無與倫比的靈活性、 準確性和真實臨場的納米力學測試,皆可對於繁多不同的種類材料應用.


Enabling innovative research in nano-mechanical testing.
We offers high-precision nanoindentation technology for academia and industry.
Our Nanoindentation Platform is compatible for in-situ use with Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), and also for in-air use with for example Synchrotron beamlines or light microscopes, thus providing unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and true in-situ nanomechanical testing of a wide variety of materials for different applications.

  • Indenter main specification(in-SEM and in-air)

    Indenter main specification (in-SEM and in-air)
    · Compact size 16.6cm * 6.5 cm * 46cm
    · Indentation load:Oe5N ( 4μN RMS Noise@200 Hz, axial compliance: 4.7 μm ∕ N ) (optional up to 1.5N)
    · Maximum indention depth: 35μm (+/- 1.8 nm resolution)
    · XY closed loop sample micro-positioning system. 10 * 10 mm sample covering area (2 nm resolution)
    · 22 mm range positioning system in Z-axis for easy setup of sample height ( 2 nm resolution)
    . High-vacuum compatible components (IOe-6mbar)
    · Weight approx. 500g
    . National InstrumentsTM control electronics and LabViewTM, control software AMICS 

納米壓痕技術平臺提供了以下好處 ︰
1. 設定時間快速和可攜性及各種設備的使用方便處理。
2. 位移控制主模式有利於應變率跳躍和鬆弛試驗和斷裂分析。
3. 高動態和施力的能力、 超高速測試1至 1000萬次的顯著擴大測試範圍。
4. 測試在達600℃類比在科學和工業應用中的操作條件。
5. 可完全自訂控制軟體,允許的最多的測試設計和設置的靈活性 在市場上,提供同類產品比較具有成本效益。

High Dynamic module
· Force range up to 1N
· Active tip on 3 axis,(available tips: cube corner berkovich, flat punch or other)
· Excitation mode up to 10kHz, amplitude up to 1um along three axis
· Sensor mode along three axis, from a few Hz to 10kHz, IOuN RMS noise
· Retrofittable to our Indenter

High Temperature module
· Two independent control loops for the tip and the sample (resolution 10mK)
· Temperature up to 600℃ in vacuum
· Typical heating power less than 8W
· Temperature control software
· Retrofittable to our Indenter