Magma EFI HiRes microscope

Magma EFI HiRes Microscope addresses all static defects: Shorts, Leakages, and Opens.
3D defect localization calculates the distance from the surface of the sample to the current path when a straight current trace is available.
Package shorts are a natural fit for Magma microscopes since magnetic fields permeate all materials, e.g. power and ground planes, silicon, molding compounds, etc.
Die shorts are located using the HiRes sensor with better than 500nm spatial resolution. Magnetic field resolution is NOT limited by wavelength, but only by sensor size and scanning distance.
Leakages with megohm resistance can be found with 500nA current sensitivity. Typical failures like electromigration and dendrite formation, where high current / high voltage can heal the sample, are readily solvable with Magma microscopes.
Open failures are found using the new Space Domain Reflectometry (SDR) technique that pulses a high frequency signal (20MHz to 200MHz)while detecting the RF magnetic field. Using this technique on SOC packages with stacked die, TSVs and interposers, open failures in the silicon devices can be localized.